Kits and “homebrew” Projects List

  1. BiTX-20 QRP 20-meter SSB transceiver
  2. Buxcomm Rascal GLX (complete)
  3. Elenco FG-600K Function generator (complete)
  4. FSKit simple sound card interface for RTTY (assembled)
  5. K1EL WKUSB morse code keyer (complete)
  6. MFJ Cub for 30-meters (partial)
  7. NHRC Repeater controller
  8. NorCal FCC-1 Frequency counter
  9. QRSS Ultimate2 (30-meters)
  10. TAK-40 HBC transceiver
  11. QRP-Labs 20 watt dummy load
  12. QRP-Labs receiver module

Embedded programmers and demo boards

  1. Atmel AVR Butterfly/ECROS PCB
  2. Atmel AVRISP mkII In-System Programmer
  3. Atmel NGW-100 router
  4. Freescale MC68HC908QT demo board
  5. Microchip PICkit 2 programmer (PG164120)
  6. SparkFun AVR development — Arduino Pro
  7. SparkFun PICmicro programmer #0008

Antennas and Masts

  1. Directive Systems DS144-6R rover antenna
  2. Directive Systems DSFO432-16 rover antenna
  3. M2 Antenna Systems 6M3 6 Meter Yagi antenna

FUNcube project

  • FUNcube-1 launch – 21 Nov 2013 at 07:10:11 UTC

A list of projects ongoing projects are found here!


David — KC4ZVW

Revised: 03-January-2022

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