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It was laser cut yesterday and looks awesome but it is too large. Something happened to scaling of the SVG file. 73, David

It’s alive! 73, David

Hello World!


I have installed Fedora Electonics Lab (FEL) on a spare desktop machine. This WordPress blog is where I will document my learning adventures. 73, David (KC4ZVW) —

Atmel Products – Tools & Software. Bought a ‘Dragon’ in hopes to program this development board. 73, David



  DC BoArduino USB BoArduino   I got this kit from Adafruit Industries and it a Arduino Clone that has an Atmel microcontroller chip. I have soldered to the +5 volt power regulator circuit and have lit the power (green) LED using a +9 volt battery. (more later) image: soldering power circuit

Soldering at workbench Adafruit SIM Reader

Arduino-pro Originally uploaded by SailingDavid A photo submitted by Flickr picture server. 73, David, KC4ZVW

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