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Not to loose the momentum of a warm soldering iron! The next kit on deck is another K1EL keyer … <drum roll, please> K16- EXT keyer (inventory parts) P.C. board now populated except IC1 and optional R2 (probably a 470 ohm) for audio output (AF) 73, David — KC4ZVW #kitbuilder melt solder

The last quarter of last year I bought another soldering station and checked out that it would get”hot” and then started looking for a ‘new’ kit to build. I then ordered a few small kits from QRP-Labs and the first one to get started was a simple dummy load. (see above) Now … to the […]

The next step


build more antennas? Get the ones I already have back up in the ethers? Let’s try the later FIRST? 73, David (KC4ZVW)



Next Unbuilt Kit Ultimate2 by Hans Summer  will be built for 30-meters 73, David

Cub30QRPpcb, a photo by SailingDavid on Flickr. add more text here ….. Via Flickr: MFJ 30m Cub p.c. board (1/3 complete)

radio interface for CWTD Arduino precision clock 73, David (KC4ZVW)

David’s kit build photos on Flickr. soldering parts to pc board This project has been built and it works! Now to wind a few toroid and measure some inducance. 73, David

Hustler antenna


Hustler antenna, a photo by SailingDavid on Flickr.

FSKit assembly


FSKit assembly, a photo by SailingDavid on Flickr. mostly assembled still need to program AVR